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Just drives me bonkers well i mean brian you you just laid out i guess what his reputation was a lot of his teammates did love him brian i gotta be honest with you summit philadelphia's a different story where he was you wanna talk about the sit ups on the lawn and cetera et cetera and you know and the and the i love me some me etc etc but and thank you for the call i mean the eagle's even even if there was a problem the eagles locker room with him and macnabb they don't make that they they don't they don't come close to winning that super bowl without him and him coming back with that ankle injury i mean there's no question his his his his resume is a bona fide hall of fame resume it took him just a couple of years to get in and from what i've told from told by the selectors that that they're not going to elect another first ballot wide receiver that that hasn't been one elected first ballot wide receiver since since jerry rice until this right rainy moth randy moss the first one since jerry rice so i guess they did they did do something like that if this has anything to do with how long it took him to be elected elected that is sad that's the only way to put it because like i said harry carson waited forever even told the selectors stop considering me and then he got in and then he's one of the most joyous participants of the weekend every time we see them and it's great seeing in the old giants captain because he deserves to be remembered the same way the charles and we'll be there and we'll be talking why he's not here and it's going to be part of the ceremony and whatever he does on his own.

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