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To having ifc and infocomm run successfully in the summer. Who knows it's too far away to tell and if there's different strains of the virus if if if they find the virus doesn't kill every or the the not the vizquel everyone if they vaccine doesn't work on different strains way in a bit of trouble with the teens but events are reopening in ireland. Let's have a look at the different events that happened recently. You know what. I was saying to my wife recently. That so weird. I around christmas time you do. You see a lot of circus tents up around the area. I seen one surface tent and is on the site south of dublin recently. Like oh there's a circus still going on across dublin. Probably at a very small scale bad but in on the side of a drive in cinema so but the big production screen look legal and always anelle might as well just driving along the way and i seen like flashing lights sons. Ocd cosmo attention not the guards. Now not the guards but it did catch my attention day. So at malahide castle which is just up the road from me for money families country christmas pantyhose are an annual tradition. This year obviously very different but driving. Pantoja is available from from this weekend. Taking place in malahide castle at peter. Pan tanto was onscreen starring. Rob murphy carter michelle mcgraw virtual onstream pantyhose taking place across the country to write the month and glow pork will take place. The annual festival celebration which lights of cork city each year with the variation of the usual event plant for this christmas period. There's been a couple of really nice list of displays across dublin at mechanics gerald which would be in the financial district of dublin. Recently made the isolate of the building. Looks like join. Tetris have looked at this. And and then in waterford. There's the wash for winter vol's and back again this year. The waterford went to run until the twenty third of december most parts running from wednesday to sunday tweak entities to do and christmasy sites so like the vintage ferris wheel christmas cracker trail some beautifully decorated shop windows. And and then actually put this. This is my street side where students got together and decided that they wanted to put christmas lights around all the trees and we started off with our street on and go to sweep beside us and street beside us so now base heard of the hazing state is little with these battery powered christmas lights and boy. She's turned around to me and said you know what at least we can see the kids playing on street. Nice it's.

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