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Bring Brett Gardner. Guardian is one for threes grounded the first twice. He's flied out. Red sox. Leading eight five out hit the Yankees thirteen eight side with an air. And the pitch. That's it for its try. All right. I know the ninth inning. Lardner Pamphili that last pitches strike. I wanna ask you this question. So hard question. But I'll answer it too. But you get answer. I ready. Sure. Do you foresee a scenario, whether it's August September the Awan that's infra strike. October. Where you say to yourself definitively. The Red Sox are better than the Yankees. You see that happening. I think it could happen. Still. To swag, abyss and Brett Gardner strikes out at he is frustrated with Chris Conroy. The Yankees down to their final out. I think it could happen. Obviously doesn't look that way. But the teams clicks play. I mean the abilities there, everything is there. They did it last year to those guys are, are here. If it clicks in that machine gets cranked, up and starts rolling, and the who played great have they're kind of down time I could see that happening. The pitch now that's outside ball wanted DJ LeMay Huhne's singled and scored struck out grounded out flight what how about you? I think it's highly likely is how I feel. I think it's really unlikely the one on the ground. Foul of third. My biggest thing is I think that the Red Sox when they get right? I think they can get into a stretch where they're really score. Bogart's his turned into a monster. Martinez hasn't really gotten going that's has been okay. Radley's been bad so far. One, one. Hit on the ground one bounce collected by Chaveas steps on first. And that's the ballgame I worry about the pitching worry about their ability to consistently prevent him from score. They salvage the finale here in New York. The Red Sox when at the final eight to five here tonight. Major league baseball on ESPN radio is brought to you.

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