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House speaker Nancy Pelosi had strong words for attorney general William bar after he suggested to a Senate subcommittee today at the FBI may have spied on the twenty sixteen Trump campaign. CBS news Bill Rakoff reports chief law enforcement officer as our country is going off the rails. House speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't holding back in her criticism of attorney general William bar after he suggested today that the F B I may have conducted surveillance on the twenty sixteen Trump campaign. I think there's spying Kerr. Speaking to reporters at a House Democrats retreat in Leesburg, Virginia Pelosi said it appears bar is protecting the interests of the president. He is Torney general of the United States of America, not the attorney general of Donald Trump. They'll Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill. A legal battle is coming to a head in Pittsburgh regarding new gun legislation that mayor Bill Peduto as signed into law. CBS news Shelby Kosice explains. What the new law? Tails, and why gun rights groups oppose it restricts, the use of salt style weapons ban certain accessories and allows for the temporary seizure of weapons from someone who is believed to be a danger in the city of Pittsburgh elevate opponents to the legislation quickly filed lawsuits as state law forbids muncipality's from regulating guns, mayor Peduto saying they are ready for legal battle. We're going to overturn this law. And then we're going to overturn this law in Florida. And then we're going to overturn this law in other states, but legislation came as a direct response to shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October that killed eleven people. Shelby Casaus Cassese four CBS news, Pittsburgh, the owner of a popular Donut. Shop and Linda vistas being remembered today after he was beaten to death during a home invasion robbery. Fifty eight-year-old. Randy Tang had been on life support since the attack on Friday in Clermont Tang on the popular rose Donut. Shop news as St. fear. Rena has the latest was as you said killed beaten in a home invasion last. Week in Claremont, then hospitalized and then finally died in the hospital this week the family remembered on Facebook.

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