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Abc news radio i'm mark mayfield golfer tiger woods says it wasn't alcohol caused cost dui arrest a fourteen time major champion was charged with dui early monday morning and jupiter florida in a statement would says he had an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications that he didn't realize the mix of medications had affected him so strongly woods apologized to his family friends and fans adding quote i expect more from myself to so promised to do everything in his power to make sure something like this doesn't happen again woods was released from custody shortly before eleven a m eastern monday morning to texas lawmakers are accusing each other of assault after protesters crashed a legislative session chuck carol has more republican state representative matt rinaldi claims democrat poncho navarro is threatened his life after he called immigrations officials on illegal immigrants who held signs reading i am a legal and here to stay the demonstrators were at the texas house protesting the state's new anti sanctuary cities law monday rinaldi claims navarro has repeatedly threatened to attack him on the way to his car renault he says he then made it clear that he would shoot him in selfdefense several democrats however save renault he was the one who threatened to quote put a bullet in the head of navarro's navarro's responded on twitter colleague rinaldi a liar and a hateful man chuck carol nbc news radio i this claiming responsibility for a deadly carbombing outside an ice cream shop in iraq at least ten people were killed and forty others hurt in the blast in central baghdad the explosion happened in the iraqi capital just days after the start of islam's holy month of ramadan it's not uncommon for families to stay out later during ramadan because they're fasting during the day military authorities continue to investigate the death of 27yearold remington peters us navy seal who was killed during.

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