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President George Bush wife, Laura Bush's son, Jeb Bush, or Hw son, Jeb Bush were among the family members on hand as tributes were made president George H W Bush died Friday at the age of ninety four his wife. Barbara Bush died seven months ago. Crowds. Meanwhile, lined up outside the capital of the pay their final respects to the late president L U of member station. W AMU has that story. Bush Malayan state at the US capitol rotunda through Wednesday, Joey Loyd was one of the first in line to visit the president was one of the great presidents, and I feel like it's an end of an era with him passing. And I just wanted to be here to pay my respects to him on Wednesday. A funeral service will be held at the Washington National cathedral in DC afterwards. The president will be flown back to Texas for another service. He'll be buried in college station at the George H W Bush presidential library and museum next to his wife. Barbara and daughter, Robin, the forty first president died Friday in Houston at the age of ninety four for NPR news. I'm Ellie you in Washington. Demand for credit has fallen slightly the new York Federal Reserve that monitors consumer credit says that survey respondents you applied for credit over the past twelve months ranted at thirty seven point seven percent of the time as compared to forty one point three percent in October. Stock markets through the around the globe saw gains today. Thanks to investor optimism over an apparent trade truce out of the weekend by China in the US more from NPR's. Emily sullivan. A months-long trade wars that's vexed international markets saw the temporary truce after President Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping held a meeting in Argentina, the US was planning to increase tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods on January first but will hold off for now. The Dow opened with a bang this morning, but then fell back a bit closing up two hundred eighty seven points. Just over one percent. The broader s and p five hundred index was also up about one percent and the tech heavy NASDAQ gained just over one and a half percent markets in Asia saw an even larger boost the hang sang and Shanghai composite. Both closed up at more than two point five percent. Emily Sullivan, NPR news, Washington. Taking a look at the numbers. Dow's up two hundred and eighty seven points, the NASDAQ gained a hundred and ten points. This is NPR and this is KCRW at three. Oh, four good afternoon. I'm Steve toothache is here's what you need to know. Right now, there is officially a new sheriff in Los Angeles County today, Alex via wave took the oath of office just a week after winning in a major upset over sitting sheriff, Jim McDonald. It's the first time an incumbent lost that seat in more than a century. The in the wave as retired from the department as a sheriff's Lieutenant, and he has no experience in the upper echelons of law enforcement. He will take over the largest sheriff's department in the nation. Overseeing nearly ten thousand deputies and eighty five hundred civilian employees last week. He vowed to make good on a campaign promise to clean house by dismissing more than a dozen people in leadership positions. He's also planning to bring in some recently, retired L A sheriff's brass construction crews today began their work to stabilize hillsides and repair infrastructure damaged by recent wildfires, and that means partial closures along a twenty mile stretch of PCH for several hours a day for an indefinite period of time. KCRW Benjamin Gottlieb explains. Callahan. Says work will take place every day, but Sunday weather permitting, of course, along the highway, and this is all related to damage from the Wolsey fire, which destroyed more than sixteen hundred homes and charge just under one hundred thousand acres. The work includes. Things such as guard rail replacement crews also needed clear, drainage lines and remove burned debris. You've also probably noticed if you've driven PCH that many of the sign age is burnt they also need to be replaced him. Perhaps most importantly are those bare hillsides they need to be reinforced for future storms. Let's KCRW Benjamin Gottlieb reporting the closures are from eight thirty in the morning until three thirty. So you have about thirty more minutes before the all clear is given from panga canyon the decker. Canyon roads there in the right lane and the shoulder of northbound PCH three zero five support for NPR comes from the John D and Catherine T MacArthur foundation, recognizing exceptionally creative individuals. This year's MacArthur, fellows and more.

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