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Is how business gets done. Get your free account at zoom dot com today. Meet happy with zoom, Scott Goldberg ABC news. WBZ SM news headlines. Authorities say an elderly married couple has been killed in a crash with another vehicle in eastern. He as office at the victims of seventy nine year old John Masefield, and a seventy seven year old wife Virginia. Both east Bridgewater. Authorities say it appears Thirty-three-year-old Sherry Vasquez of eastern with speeding when she collided with a couple's vehicle. Police say she ran the scene, but was caught a short time later, Massachusetts environmental police. He's six underside striped bass from the man last night in New Bedford police say the fish were hidden in a duffel bag. Police did not identify the man but said he'd be summoned into court to face several charges, including possession of fish open. The recreational limit Red Sox and Astros tonight on WB SM our coverage starts at six ten forecast. Tonight, partly cloudy skies, low fifty one I'm Jim Phillips WB SM news. Strub yourself. It's time. But the Howie cars show, we cherish the open door that we want to create for our country, but a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit, and skill the word that they use merit. It is really a condescending word they sang family is without merit. Plead only heard titles like marriage, which is non merit. Married in the eyes of Donald Trump love from the Matthews brothers studios. We need ice. All inhumane deportation of inflation. We need to fight back, your captain Howey. I've noticed one of the talking points. These days is a tragedy. You know, bars losing his reputation or his legacy as being tinged because of his service in this administration. I don't think those people are really concerned about my legacy. Oh. It's largely being made to try to discredit me partly because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election. Some of the explanations, I've gotten don't hang together. So in a sense, I have more questions today than I did. When I first started some of what things don't hang together. Some of the explanations of what occurred on shamed. I'm stumbled, it's very unusual situation to have opposition research like that, especially one that on its face had number of clear mistakes, and someone is you and analysis and to use that to get to conduct counterintelligence against American political campaign is a strange would be a strange development Rome, swabs hacks and moon bay where it's our God. Welcome.

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