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As Nelson Andrew and Anti Tila Explain Gonzales. Plan was about as basic as gets kidnapped someone important for personal gain but for Charles Cosby. It appears to be a step too far a risk to great even for his lover the black widow obviously like most prisoners did not like to be in jail. Did elect a confinement. They were hatching a plan between her and her new lover in California to kidnap somebody very prominent and hold that person ransom in exchange for her release and return to Columbia and that person was John F. Kennedy Judy Pave. It's part of the put the plans together but it never materialized but they did definitely discussed that as an exchange for her release. The real question for me is what turned cosby from her lover to an FBI informant was some kind of patriotic loyalty to the. Kennedy name or simply self-preservation. He'd made a lot of money thanks to his association with GRISELDA BLANCO KIDNAPPING JFK. Junior would effectively mean starting a war with every law enforcement agency in America. What exactly would he get out of that deal either way thanks to cause becoming Ford with his information? The plot was foiled ingenious at least for the time being remained unharmed memo the charges against Griselda Blanco were growing in July. Nineteen Ninety Five. She was indicted for three murders and Cosby. As the now ex-lover turned informer was subpoenaed as the witness for the prosecution as Nelson. Andrew explains what happened. Next was another extraordinary. Twist in Gazelle Blancas tile visit Cosby was brought to Miami by the Prosecutor's Office here in Dade County and he was sent to testify in the trial. That trial of Gra. Zelda went really sour when our star witness or hey. Y'All ready started having romantic relationships over the phone with the prosecutors secretary. So that's why the State Attorney's office was forced to enter into a plea negotiation. Where result a guilty to the murders and was sentenced to the concurrent time she had left in her federal sense. Though once you was completed with her federal sentence the state sentence was also completed and she got out in two thousand four five years after John Genius Crews elda. Blencoe was released from prison and deported to Meddle in Columbia. Once they she seems to simply disappear rebelled We were surprised what she was deported. At the end of her sentence we had learned. Heard rumors that you had gone originally to Argentina again. She still had. We believed vast amounts of money stash and properties all over the world. So when she was deported you went somewhere we think again like I said Argentina Brazil to Blanco who for years had lived a life of unimaginable wealth. Pow and notoriety had gone completely off grid for the next three years. There was only one reported sighting of cocaine godmother a photo taken a Bogota Airport in my two thousand seven. The full McQueen was without makeup orders on a close looking very much like an ordinary grandmother. And it would be another five years before she surfaced again for the very last time. His Nelson Andrew surprised that she has lived as long as she did but then she ended up going to Columbia allegedly. She found religion and she was at a meat market in. Columbia and two men came up in a motorcycle and she was gunned down and killed and ironically the motorcycle hit men were result does creation. So you live by the sword you die by the sword. She died something that she had invented with the motorcycle and one of Charles Cosby the other central figure in this kidnap conspiracy against JFK. Junior he too appears to vanished but as far as Mr Cosby. I don't know what happened. After that. He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. He was always involved in drug activity so I suspect that he probably is if he's still alive the redacted if bi falls. Fani lead us to the answers behind the riddle of the kidnapping plus against John. Junior bought the left us with riddles in their place was Griselda ever interviewed over the kidnapping attempt opt to the murder case against her collapsed. Why wasn't she charged with John? Genius kidnapping plot was a deal. Done with charges dropped in exchange for agreeing to be extradited without a fight. It seems highly likely. And what kind of deal did Charles cosby cut with a fades and just how much to the Kennedy Family? Now of all of this James and I will lift scratching our heads and cosby. This cosby guide. No one seems to know where he is. The detective was very clear. He just disappeared off the face of the earth. What does it mean so? There are so many different scenarios here. There's one he could have gone into hiding himself. He may have fled. We know that Blanco has south fled to Colombia. One point he may be a witness protection or he may be fish food. That's got to be sorted asset. I think what we do that the FBI New York were driving. This though is certainly pushing it. Let's get onto the FBI and say there's someone still ram still not retired. Yeah I mean we did. Speak to the one Former head of the FBI NEW YORK. Who who had no recollection of this? Oh we still gotta chase down some more names. We have to figure out who was involved. Who knew about this operation? And there's a question that is still lingering for me here. Is this violence. And her influence. If she is someone who can make one billion dollars of cocaine smuggling? Is there an inside job? Was there someone on the inside? Who Knew Junior involved in the Kennedys or involved at the highest level of law enforcement at the FBI who was assisting Blanco who has this fortune and influence and is no stranger to blackmail bribery and murder to control someone on the inside to facilitate this to happen? It just seems so random. We could say happening. It's it's possible because John Junior had no real serious security rounding me just had a security company looking after and because the secret service had dropped him. And that's the policy. Once you turn sixteen years of age is the son of an ex president. It's all live here on your sixteen. So he he just had a normal sort of security person individual checking on him occasionally. Who knows that personal? That company might be rotten so we really have to delve into that and check who they are and make those inquiries Wilson to get hold of the entire case file now for this grand jury regarding the Godmother of cocaine because someone will know where Cosby is. Someone will know where her husband is. If any of these people is still alive they spoke to somebody. There's no way that this story dies with her. Is this yet another Kennedy related cover UP GAZELLE TO BLANCO? The cocaine godmother was thwarted in her kidnapped plan on John Junior and was never charged remarkably. She went onto at leave junior by twelve years. Chelsea cosby. Her lover and business partner was also never charged and might be still out there some way. Meanwhile it seems. Junior spent the final years of his life pondering. What might have been at? The Blackwood is elaborate scam. Come off and none of this extraordinary story was known until now next time on fatal voyage the death of JFK. Junior John knew that caroline was going to be the one. Heroin of course was in love with John but at the same time was so fearful about marrying the prince of camelot that she had long discussions with her sisters mom over whether or not she could handle the pressure that would come along with being the wife of JFK Junior. It really tore at her because this was a woman who absolutely loved John. But at the same time knew the dangers that would come along with marrying a candidate.

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