Clippers are struggling one-on-one against Mavericks


Four more games in the NBA on Wednesday and for me the story was a tale of two conferences in the Eastern Conference. We have two teams in Toronto and Boston, who take a stranglehold on their series of both going up to o scale and in those look like they may be short series out east of story of the night. Marijuana start. The show scale is in the Western Conference on because Utah beat Denver early in the day, and then the late game at night Dallas, beat the La Clippers, and now scowl both of those series are tied at one one Ryan. How me out here the clippers touted as the best defensive team in the fourth quarter and Dallas we know they've had their struggles on the offensive end in the fourth quarter. Can you explain to me why the clippers went zone defense in that fourth in and what is their deal right now they just gonNA play small the rest of the way and If they are what you think about that small line A-. If because watched started the game for the clippers. Their typical starting center only played eighteen minutes. He didn't really have an impact as you mentioned, they did go small lot scowl they played some zone and whatever they're doing defensively isn't working and I think I really miss read this series scowl I thought the a wing talent and depth especially on the defensive end of the court between Kawhi Leonard and Paul George would be enough to slow down Luca DANNI SCALP. maybe nobody can look announced the way he's played Scalia another huge game for the Dallas Mavericks in their one, twenty, seven, fourteen when look ahead twenty eight points, eight rebounds and seven assists and the clippers defense had no answer for Luca and the rest of the Mavericks No, they had no answer for Lucan they had no answer for let's let's keep it real here. They had no answer for Trey Burke Seth Curry Dhillon right I think Tim Hardaway. Jr out there. So they had no answer at all in the fourth quarter, which is a little disturbing upon the clipper fan because you should be hanging in there hanging with the clipper a hanging with the Mavericks. Next to you know you get to that fourth quarter you're supposed to put the clamps on these guys. So if I have quite Leonard in Paul George My team are those are are the clippers worried that he they can't stop Luca is that's what's Going on here, then Luke must be the best player in the NBA right now because those guys are supposed to be the best wing defenders, we've said it all year on this show that those guys are are built to stop Lebron James. Well if I say they're built to stop the brine, but they're not built to stop. Luca a question are they built a stop Lebron or his Luca surpassed the Bronx in the best player in the Western Conference right now? All certainly playing like it. He said NBA playoff record scale through two games in the first two games of Lucas playoff career after game two scales, seventy points combined, and that is the most in NBA history at forty two points in a game one loss for the Mavericks and then Twenty eight points on Wednesday night in a game to win

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