Lamar Jackson seems to welcome Ravens potentially signing Dez Bryant

The GM Shuffle


Dez Bryant Free Agent Wide Receiver reportedly in the Baltimore area for a workout with the Ravens Lamar Jackson was asked of a possible playing with three time Pro Bowler we've got a lot of great receivers in the team right now it's up the phenomenon but seeing desperate on instagram stuff like that running his routes competing against quarterback he's looking pretty good on social media if the. Front Office Lights, and we'll have to see when he gets you Brian has made it clear intrigued by the possibility of playing with Lamar Jackson quite the fall from grace from Desmond. What star he was he's thirty one years of age. Where do you think I'm GonNa come back with the Ravens for Dez Bryant I you know I think the issue with Dez has always been. When he goes outside the system, I mean, remember this is a guy that you know the cowboys wanted to take a pay cut to let's go back. Remember I think he was making sixteen million. I could have the numbers com wrong but it's in that area and he was clearly not playing to that level. He didn't have any bursts at the top of the route. He didn't separate his hands where we're really inconsistent, which is an indication of players, loosener legs he. Didn't he's not a guy who's to line up at multiple positions and still function really well because he needs to have a kind of like he needs to be a one place he needs to have his routes. He's not as a thinker of the of the game as he plays. You know he's a slower processing player. So for me learning a new offense with this guy, you know he's worth putting on the team from an executive standpoint if I signed Dez Bryant. And he's not my starting extra my starting see what am I getting out of them so okay, let's go through it. So if I sign them to say a minimum deal, two, million dollars. So I'm on the hook for a million bucks. Okay. If he makes the team on the Saturday of the before the opening game I guarantee salary for a year I got no flexibility there. Right. He can't help me at all in the kicking game. So unless he starting playing in the three receivers set, you know then he's not going to be active. So now I'm paying millions of dollars for a guy that I'm not gonNa have active now if he can. And he's GonNa make a big difference to my team. You know we drafted two receivers one in the third one in the six you know. So those two guys gotta take a back seat. They're cheaper labor force like none of this adds up like if you told me, you want sign Antonio Brown and you WanNa take on the game suspension young. Okay. Because I promise you Antonio Brown walks onto the field. There is nobody on Baltimore steam as good as they think they are at receiver and they have good receivers. There's nobody on that football team as good as Antonio Brown but he's the best player he's the best receiver on the team, but if Dez Bryant walks in. You know is he better than Hollywood? Brown no is see better. The Miles Birkett are Chris more or Willie snead. You know they drafted the dump Rene Texas they drafted the poor kid in the sixth round. So they got two young kids that they drafted like, where does he fit and then I I'm exposed at a million like these are all things like this is called second. Order thinking like it's one thing the media makes this big deal with says, bright. Well, you know does Bryant. Five years ago was a good player does Brian today may not be a good player just because he's a named certainly has from the past that's a different story as to how could translate this season

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