Los Angeles Police arrest 2 suspects in hate crime targeting 3 transgender women


Have been arrested in connection with that attack on three transgender women on Hollywood Boulevard early Monday morning. Willie Walker and on House Man was arrested in the Hollywood area yesterday. Charged with extortion. The primary suspect, Carlton Calloway, was arrested today in Bakersfield for robbery with a hate crime enhancement. And authorities still looking for Davey and Williams for assault with a deadly weapon. The women who were attacked, began posting the names and photos of the suspects Monday night videos of the attack posted to Social media shall bystanders laughing and taunting the women as their robbed? The footage also captures a police car driving by without stopping, LAPD Deputy Chief Justin Eisenberg said that matter is being looked into. We've opened a personnel investigation to look into the details of that. But I can confirm for you. That police SUV was responding to an unrelated emergency that required response with lights and sirens, and we believe they were headed to that emergency, and that's that why they went past. The scene of this incident has not said if the man who live stream the attack on his social media would face any charges. Santa Barbara County has seen the

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