Trump demands restoration of UN sanctions against Iran.


Today the United States is demanding that all United Nations sanctions be reimposed against Iran a move that follows America's embarrassing failure to extend an arms embargo against. Iran. The administration's insistence on snapping back into national sanctions against Iran sets the stage for a contentious dispute. It's possible that the US Cole will be ignored by other UN members an outcome that could call into question the UN. Security. Council's ability to enforce its own legally binding decisions. The trump administration wants to reimpose all international sanctions that had been eased under the deal of the nation's claimed. The US has no standing to make the demand because the trump administration pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal two years ago, Mike, Pompeo, and Donald Trump of made no secret of their intention to invoke the rare and controversial diplomatic move in the wake of the administration's defeat at the United Nations last week on. Extending the arms, embargo Russia and China bitterly oppose reimposing sanctions on Iran. So to other Security Council members including US allies, Britain and France. A dispute that could result in a battle over the legitimacy of the UN's most powerful body. What the administration's position does not account for is a scenario in which the rest of the world simply ignores the United States on the grounds that it no longer has legal standing to invoke snap back. Other countries may also hedge their bets pending the outcome of the November third presidential election believing that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would reverse trump's decision. Should the president fail to win a second time?

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