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Ready. Lot of marvel. Disney plus spin off shows are coming gig buner whether we want of them are not doesn't matter here coming latest report. Let guys thinking of this one variety. Reporting that i want a vision. Spinoff starring hahn as agatha harkness is in development for disney plus from marvel. If they move forward it's going to be one division head writer jack. Shafer who will serve as writer and executive producer deadline also adds the saying the potential spinoff. It'd be centered around katherine hans. Agatha harkness character which is set to reprise across the mci on streaming and in movies. It says under a larger deal. She has made with the studio. They're saying it's going to be like a dark comedy and you know the last time. We saw her wanda head her trapped in the town in her mind that were it ended up one division. Not like that He she she trapped her in the town with her having no knowledge and she's in she's inland. Agnes right. she's in kind of like this innocent sitcom reality in her head or something yeah. She's well. she's in her head. She doesn't know that she's agnes when she says when one that has a question she could pop in and like brain she. Yeah she did say. I'll come find you if i need any questions. They answer what do you guys think it is. Part of me is like this. Show the first time i saw it when it was called bewitched or her dream of. I mean. it's got to be different or sabrina. The teenage which is this something. You're excited for geek geek. Boehner floppy to lobby john. Gig wound anthony which way we leaning my first response. Was those the way the kids say what nowadays is like w ut. Oh what would.

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