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Levin do you remember that story where Mike Glennon was invited to bears wrap party he was gonna be their starter and if you have never drafted her biscuit you standing there right here and you're using a real high drama it's not like you know I mean Jordan love is uncomfortable for Aaron Rodgers this is where you trade up a Mike echo Alfa contract forty what do we have a surprise for you and the Chicago Bears select Mitchell Trubisky I think I'm gonna be going now hi a couple phone calls and we'll take a break Reggie Miller will join us Ryan in New York I ride would you have for me today Hey Dan first come what will maybe come well Tom six foot combo guard but okay that's the weekend obviously Mike give little motional saying that was special for me and prior to that I think you can play it you will see that Maryland always had heard stories about my dad told me about when by batsman who finally got a chance to see him playing standard questions for you I always wondered how is he going to end up on the Celtics and how does that kind of change the flight pattern apologetic for Mike going to the U. R. L. because already had hall of Famers and they were going to add a link to that equation obviously the tragic ending to that story but can you talk a little bit about how that was gonna happen and how you solve the mystery change although it would have been re written because you had Reggie Lewis who passed away I would this the Celtics had the transition in place it was perfect they could take a little stress off bird because of his back McHale Parrish DJ angel you have one bias and Reggie Lewis is well so they lost true you know what I think would have been hall of Famers a lend bias was that was a spectacular player I think that when you watch it didn't take long before you went which one's bias it was the guy who was blowing right by us see what I did with that Todd yes my glove and I might have this wrong but I'm reading it was a Gerald Henderson trade the land yeah that first trumpet yeah watch if I let me take a break Reggie Miller's going to John is more phone calls coming up take a break.

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