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It <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> seems to be <Speech_Music_Male> is that there's <Speech_Male> a whole lot of misinformation <Speech_Music_Male> going <Speech_Male> on i. <Speech_Male> I read <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Peer reviewed articles <Speech_Music_Male> and <Speech_Music_Male> based on evidence <Speech_Music_Male> based practice <Speech_Male> and. <Speech_Male> It is really scares <Speech_Male> me. Because <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> you get a whole <Speech_Male> lot of information <Speech_Male> that not <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> it you know <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> Not look at <Speech_Male> what happened <Speech_Male> last <Speech_Male> year in <Speech_Male> house <Speech_Music_Male> is a real <Speech_Music_Male> slow rollout <Speech_Music_Male> for <Speech_Male> football <Speech_Male> College <Speech_Male> football even <Speech_Male> start. <Speech_Male> You know. I didn't <Speech_Male> even know how <Speech_Male> many games are <Speech_Male> going to be getting played <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> and it starts <Speech_Music_Male> scare me now <Speech_Male> because <Speech_Male> you know <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> The fearmongering <Speech_Male> behind it <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> is starting to <Speech_Music_Male> make new worries <Speech_Male> it <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> With <Speech_Music_Male> which how <Speech_Male> many people they're going <Speech_Music_Male> to allow him <Speech_Male> to the stadiums <Speech_Male> and all <Speech_Music_Male> that you know right <Speech_Music_Male> now it looks <Speech_Male> good but <Speech_Male> the more <Speech_Male> the media <Speech_Male> pushes <Speech_Male> it and <Speech_Music_Male> all that <Speech_Music_Male> i'm afraid <Speech_Music_Male> to. <Speech_Music_Male> I'm afraid they might <Speech_Music_Male> start rolling back. <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> You know <Speech_Male> why do <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> i have. I <Speech_Male> have some <Speech_Male> friends who <Speech_Male> who feel the same <Speech_Male> way they keep <Speech_Male> telling me. You <Speech_Male> don't really think <Speech_Male> you're going to be out <Speech_Male> there traveling this fall <Speech_Male> and i said yes i do. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> And they're they're they're <Speech_Male> they're in similar <Speech_Male> fields to <Speech_Male> you and <Speech_Male> i <Speech_Male> respect that very very <Speech_Male> much. <Speech_Male> I never <Speech_Male> last <Speech_Male> year was a little bit different <Speech_Male> last year. None <Speech_Male> of us knew what we were. We <Speech_Male> were getting into <Speech_Male> do now. <Speech_Male> You have <SpeakerChange> a lot of experienced <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> a new <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> you know. <Speech_Male> Yeah and. <Speech_Male> I don't think we're <Speech_Male> a year ago today. <Speech_Male> We were still <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> were still wondering <Speech_Male> what the next couple <Speech_Male> of weeks would look like. <Speech_Male> We're not really wondering <Speech_Male> anymore. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> say we aren't <Speech_Male> Those of us. Who <Speech_Male> do this show. But i know <Speech_Male> you are and <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> it's a it's a. <Speech_Male> It is a very <Speech_Male> dangerous situation <Speech_Male> out there. And <Speech_Male> i know that sometimes <Speech_Male> because you <Speech_Male> have a caller who <Speech_Male> who propagates <Speech_Male> one theory. <Speech_Male> It means <Speech_Male> that you are <SpeakerChange> necessarily <Speech_Male> endorsing it. I'm <Speech_Male> not <Speech_Male> i <Speech_Male> but <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> people say why. Why would <Speech_Male> you even let that person. <Speech_Male> On my my. <Speech_Male> My feeling is to let people <Speech_Male> talk <Speech_Male> and let everyone <Speech_Male> else decide for <Speech_Male> themselves <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> right. <Speech_Male> And i and i appreciate <Speech_Music_Male> that. He's you <Speech_Music_Male> know there. There's <Speech_Male> a lot of opinions <Speech_Music_Male> out there. Not <Speech_Music_Male> everybody has <Speech_Male> a <Speech_Male> The experience <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> and and <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Then <hes> the <Speech_Male> the knowledge <Speech_Male> upon lachey or <Speech_Male> here in things <Speech_Music_Male> on facebook <Speech_Male> groups or <Speech_Male> from friends and <Speech_Male> family <Speech_Male> and they don't <Speech_Male> really know <Speech_Male> though you know that <Speech_Music_Male> <hes> earlier. <Speech_Music_Male> Wow if seventy <Speech_Music_Male> five percent chance <Speech_Music_Male> it's going to happen <Speech_Male> on a <Speech_Male> where he pulled at <Speech_Male> number of it but <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> is not <SpeakerChange> how. <Speech_Music_Male> How <Speech_Music_Male> look i think <Speech_Male> you better than i <Speech_Male> do. The biggest concern <Speech_Male> that i hear from <Speech_Male> healthcare workers <Speech_Male> And you are. One <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> the icu situation. <Speech_Male> Because that goes <Speech_Male> it that goes haywire. <Speech_Male> The healthcare <Speech_Male> system shuts <Speech_Male> down. And we're <SpeakerChange> all in a lot <Speech_Male> of trouble <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> And that's all take <Speech_Music_Male> that <Speech_Music_Male> one hot spot <Speech_Male> for <Speech_Male> it <Speech_Male> Blow out and they've <Speech_Male> seen no. <SpeakerChange> He has <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> The college <Speech_Music_Male> sports <Speech_Male> the

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