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Npr join us tonight at nine on eighty nine point three kpcc as you're heading home on a tuesday yeah it is eighty nine point three kpcc amic rahman let's look at some of the other news of the day in southern california that wasn't firerelated la county supervisors unanimously ordered a review of the county sexual harassment policies kpcc's mary plumber says today's vote will fast track that review it was a short discussion but it was clear the four women on the fivemember la county board spoke with a keen awareness of sexual harassment issues in the workplace supervisor jannah's han who spent over five years working in the us house called the procedures to report and resolve complaints in congress horrible she expressed sympathy for women across the country who have taken decades to break their silence about harassment and abuse fearing retaliation i just want to make sure we here in the county have that uh environment oh where women or whoever comes forward is is presumed to be telling the truth this supervisors largely expressed confidence in the county's current reporting procedures but they called for the review to ensure it is efficient and fair the vote requires county staffers to report back next week with any recommendations for improvements covering politics and mary plumber you know the us supreme court has decided to allow the trump administration's latest travel ban to take full effect well we asked kpcc's leslie barra stein roe haas to look into how down rulings affecting southern california the travel ban issued in september allows the government to ban or restrict immigration and travel from eight countries six of them with muslim majorities previous rulings had allowed people with close family ties to the us to to enter the country that's no longer the case says attorney for rita shahata with the council on american islamic relations in anaheim there's a lot of people.

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