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We practically hand-dug it over once if not twice when we've ended up digging the soil in composting and have planted out with lots of Perennials grasses, and it now it's an area that people can get in amongst the plants. They can get right up close rather than just walk around. And we finding people now lingering here everything's labeled. So they can take note of plants so added a lot more interesting. Given us the experience of the clay soil as well and had two hundred and fifty ton is approximately seven and a half. Large trucks of spent mushroom compost, which my earliest memory of Don was in the middle of winter picking rhubarb on gotten our candidate for we we'd been forgotten. I was going through college. It's a long story. There's a horticultural reason to this intention wasn't to make you smile. We actually got into this spent mushroom compost because the heat that gave off when you introduced it in here to bring it back to a more horticultural logic reasoning why in a soil like couldn't be worked. What did it bring one to the table and to how to change what you could then plant? Okay. Some spent Mushin composes wonderful material. It's is quite easy to work with. And it does contain the lime which does actually chemically separate clay particles. I think the big word is flocculation color. Eligible longer ago the new without that word. So. And it's it's very have been here from the mushroom industry. Great materials work, but it does smell as well. And it's hot when those lorries arrive, you say steam in the way stank, so, but we added that on we incorporate it in we dug it we rotated into the topsoil the cli- as much as we could the weather was not helping what wet then withstanding sand gravel gardens win really used to this clay. So it was quite an experience. And then of course, we we had hoped plant in the in the fall and spring boot whether just didn't allow us to so we ended up putting agreement year on the area for the summer and go back to working again. The following the winter when the weather allowed so we put a lot of effort and that is again comes the backs. The Beth's wave gardening..

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