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And Saturday those are first alert, whether they could get showers and storms juiced up a bit by Florence. I'm NBC twelve meteorologist Andrew freidan on NewsRadio eleven to forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM. From the piersonhonda dot com weather center. It's cloudy in eighty four and Scott's edition is radio. W RV time three thirty Wasco. Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a category. Three. But officials in South Carolina is still urging residents to listen to local officials and leave their homes if they live in mandatory evacuation zones Florence is barreling towards the east coast and expected to make landfall late Friday, Charleston county, chairman Vic wrong or responsible for your own life. The life of your family and your own wellbeing and the protection of your property. If you have the slightest reservation about staying get out city and county administrators in some areas where evacuations have been mandated say later this evening, they will start knocking on doors and getting next of kin information for those who have opted to stay just a hammer home. The danger of the storm ABC's GIO Benitez is in the Outer Banks and tells us it's pretty empty sun is shining. It's really a beautiful day here. Just. Little wendy. So people really are listening to these warnings are saying, you know, what we know that this actually floods pretty quickly, and we are getting out of here. The Virginia department of emergency management still forging ahead, despite the storms more southerly turn even though they're saying it's going in a different direction. It still affects the Commonwealth in as we as we know we serve the whole entire Commonwealth not just certain areas. So we are still very concerned with some of the things that could occur the damn, Shannon. Daniel says they're fleas people seem to be heeding the mandatory evacuation order in shelters opened in twenty four. Localities Virginia has opened state managed shelters at Christopher Newport university in Newport News today, and at the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, not just four Virginia evacuees, but for evacuees from other states who have nowhere else to go here in central Virginia NBC, twelve dot coms. Andrew freidan says don't let your guard down because things could change. But right now, it's looking like Florence will only.

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