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Right now, Sandy Hook, a steamy 77 kid May point and Hamilton 74 New Jersey's first news, 50 to Governor, Murphy is threatening to shut it all down again. Jersey shore bars. Based on the scenes from over the weekend of young people standing impact lines, waiting to get in a few with face coverings. No social distancing. The governor says he's going to give everyone the chance to do the right thing this weekend. But if they don't You could move to shut places down to protect the public health. So, folks, this is not a game standing around massless in a crowd outside a bar is just a big knucklehead move is standing around massless. Inside one. Murphy, blamed of some of those bars responsible for the lines added, By the time these patrons would have gotten in the virus could have easily spread just through the line itself to people have been charged for throwing separate parties charges that drew hundreds of people in the IRA governor Murphy police arrived at the party now Pine on August 1st, they found some 3 to 400 people, most of them not wearing face masks or being socially distant. Touche night of Newark is facing several related offenses, including recklessly creating a risk of widespread injury and violating The state's executive orders a property and Alpine was the site of another large party on July 5th. It was also the source of several noise complaints, police and howl of charged 37 year old Ronald Chapman, who hosted a party in the Ram town section on Sunday afternoon. That drew roughly 500 people. Chad Robertson, New Jersey one on 1.5 new and We're also learning another party host facing charges in Camden County. Police say they warn 31 year old Geoffrey Davis. Not the hold a big pool party being promoted on social media. He did it anyway, charging up to 250 people to get into his Gloucester township home and j dot com reports Davis and promoter Marty Miller. Been charged with violating the governor's orders. Tom A. New Jersey's first news 503 Traffic.

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