Philadelphia will let indoor dining to restart


Have reduced the restaurant scene in Philadelphia to al fresco on Lee this summer, but that all changes soon. Hey, Y W. City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe tells us it's a sign of progress in the pandemic. Starting on September 18th you can dine inside. There's a whole lot of rules. It won't be back to normal By any stretch. The reopening comes with a slew of rules. Restaurants can operate only at 25% capacity with table 6 FT. Apart and parties of no more than four, the city will be enforcing the rules and closed restaurants that don't comply. But there are limits to its capacity, and Mayor Jim Kenney is urging owners to police themselves, but not pushed the envelope. But follow the rules. And actually, those rules have made us safer and have gotten us to this point. So please Beg you to to follow the rules. Health Commissioner Tom Farley says the step is feasible because the city is moving closer to the target's. It's set for new cases even as testing increases because the percentage of tests coming back positive has been falling. So we're very, very close. So in hopes that we will have continued progress, we will allow more activities. In addition to endure dining theaters can re open but with no more than 25 customers who must wear masks at all times, and thus no food or drink allowed. Hat lobe K Y w News radio.

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