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And this is this is clearly, you know, part of pinions all kind of pre face it with that. But if you really historically look at Tipco Tipco has fundamentally been that company behind the scenes that make sure the major players in the industry are able to deliver on their promises. So you know, we connect in operate against the data and the systems to make sure I I don't know your kid has their Christmas presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas day, man, that's powered by our technologies. So we've traditionally built technology that powers the world, you know, major players. So we're not necessarily interested in competing with cloud vendors like AWS, we wanna work together with AWS because they provide something immensely valuable to the table in. In we provide something that they don't which is the technology that enables the enables all of these other major players to facilitate their promises as as I did to earlier Leon anything you wanna add. I mean, if you if you look at what Madison saying I fundamentally agree with him. I mean, I don't think we want to compete with with the likes of for example, AWS with with whom we have an amazing partnership. And if you look at the innovation that that's coming from from joined companies, if you will it's it's much more than any of those two companies would have been able to do below. So rather than competing with it? I would say that the offerings that both of us have were definitely complement one another. Yeah, I'd agree with that. I mean, there is so much to be done in helping out insurance companies telcos banks these companies that are making their way towards being software companies towards being AI. Companies these companies with the tremendous data advantage that need a whole lot of help in terms of revamping, their technology and and building software company like processes that. It's it's much more. I see it at least much more as a positive some, you know, opportunity for partnerships rather than this zero sum competition for deals. I mean, people might see for example, like the Pentagon's competition for the ten billion dollar cloud budget, and they imagined that this is this is euro some battle between cloud gladiators. But for the most part, that's not really how it works. People are just picking and choosing technologies and those technologies are working better. And better with one another. Absolutely, I agree with you one hundred percent cool. Well, guys, thank you for coming out to offer engine daily been really great talking to you about flow. Goes there anything else that you want to add about the project? Yeah. I mean flow dot IO or hit us up on get hub. We've gotta get her channels. So if anyone's interested in or if we've confused them completely. Definitely feel free to to hit us up on gator, get hub and happy the Chet awesome. Well, thank you. Matt leon. Thank you. Thank you. All of the advances in data science and machine learning over the last few years. Most teams are still stuck trying to deploy their machine learning models manually that is tedious. It's resource intensive and often ends in various forms of failure the algorithm Mia AI.

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