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It's always one of my favorite, not just because we bring to brilliant people who have different points of view on important issues, also because I think it represents AJC at its best I mean if you think about it, we live in a world which is increasingly silo D-. Intellectually politically silo GONNA. Look for debates. People go look for reinforcement of their own ideas, so they choose their t beat channels. They choose their websites. They choose their newspapers. Newspapers to such a large degree based on their desire to find kind of security and comfort in that space, whatever their viewpoint is, what AJC say wait a second folks. We're not going in that direction. There are a lot of complex issues out there that don't have simple answers. You may say they do, but in reality they don't, so we have rebates. One of the debates is on free and hate speech. Are there limits and one side of the? By very distinguished legal scholar, some very well known to the public will be. There should be no limits. The answer to hate speech is not the banning of hate. Speech is more speech and couches speech, so that'd be one break debate. The second debate were in twenty twenty Presidential election underway we have top emissaries of both the Biden trump campaigns who will be debating foreign policy national security? Though the democratic way or the Republican way. You can be sure the be a very joy, say energetic debate and the third debate we have slated is a two views of the West Bank. As everyone knows. This has been a long standing question Israel with different views on what the future of the West Bank will to look like I it's coming into focus again. Because of the trump peace plan and we have two prominent Israelis will be debating what the future of the West Bank to. To look like wants to be decided unilaterally to be decided east negotiations if they can take.

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