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Robert thirty three hi guys thanks for taking my call sherman um adami you're listening to those old love lines and it was crazy i heard you guys actually talking about driving through sound a little border town i'm living in el centro i couldn't believe you've even heard of it for collects go off some tro um yeah anyway um i've got uh hiring is the disc that i've been doing let's say i mess my backup bowling and living in this town that i'm in um i've been dealing with sketchy doctors and not just kinda wanted to pick versus a brain that little bit and see um a little of what he thinks this far is like i mean is this something that um can heal itself because there's a lot of you know crazy stories on the internet uh some people say you're kind of destined to go under the knife i just wonder wondering no with he thought about though maybe an you'd had an mri yes i did and you can see it's a l five one um it's not just arne asian but it's a they called the something else where it's actually it's shot the stuff out in its impinging on the nerve couple of things first off when you're thirty had he of checkup you're back bowling the new told me man i don't know we ask you some big what is this crazy chasm in backs i played ten and a half years of football i did construction my whole life i've never stretched a day in my life and my back as fucking fine i know guys that have gotten surgery and i said what hap what you do to your back that i got up out of bed like weird i just felt i just felt that go and actually you know i'm getting back surgery and then secondly is back surgery does it ever work yes but okay sovietguided debris and you got your discs most people if you did an mri on you you'd say oh you have some hernia you.

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