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Or finally there's a very real danger of having at least three new news boys albums released in the next five years. Which was real was really made? Are you laughing this is I totally forgot? All of them number three what I put in my head because it had a lot of words in it sounded like scientists would isn't to win to win. Great can be funny about any other. You're correct. That is correct the entire world will be in a state of the year two thousand the entire OB and famine. This is a little Balderdash balderdash sheep. You play that game though. We should play the more game. Even I'm so bad at Giggle when you make up definitions for words and you have to guess which ones still fun you said. Peter Gunter Professor at North Texas State University. In one thousand nine hundred seventy issue of living there said Demographers Agree. Almost unanimously on the following grim. Timetable nineteen seventy-five widespread famines beginning India. These will spread by nineteen ninety hundred include all of India Pakistan China the Near East Africa. But your two thousand or conceivably sooner south and Central America will exist under complete famine conditions. Did Not happen no all right here. We go heath unready final for the finale. Earth has one moon after approximately six thousand years since the date of creation. Yes so after six hundred thousand years or will have approximately one hundred minutes that makes sense moons. Yeah the reproduce between nineteen seventy and nineteen ninety five mass extinction like what happened to the dinosaurs will happen. Thanks to environmental policies. Okay scientists now believe we are at risk of having over five thousand two hundred sixty seven Tyler Perry movies by the year twenty thirty Climate change will 'cause everybody's hair to burst into flames by two thousand seven but even sooner they use quiet..

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