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And they got scared and so once, one team gets scared a lot, of them get scared and that's what caused the job that is not rookie Michael porter Jr. after he was drafted fourteenth last month My the gates have acknowledged today. That Michael porter Jr. did have surgery on his back However Michael porter juniors camp, tells MBA dot com that they believe that this surgery could result in a quote breakthrough and that it is not. Their intention for Michael porter Jr. to miss the of the entirety of the upcoming season That's all great news and I hope it is absolutely true but the last thing that this kid needs Is for too much pressure. To be placed on him to hurry back The nuggets were a team that underachieved. Last, year I am perfectly okay with the team remaining from last year additionally Isaiah Thomas I'm fine with that group realizing the potential we saw them. Last year and then incomes Michael porter Jr. for twenty nineteen whether that be January of two thousand nineteen or. October, twenty nineteen We'll have to. See but I'm I just don't want too much pressure placed on him. Because I feel like a lot of guys do that, and end up hurting, themselves because they're trying to. Hurry back I. Do trust the nuggets in that they will, make the best decision and I do hope Michael porter Jr. plays this season but if he doesn't That's okay and he needs to, know that that's okay Because if he. Rushes back it will be it's one of those injuries, if he rushes back and he messes it up again it's game over and that's the worst thing you want, to, see for, such, a. Promising young talent to eight six zero zero four six if you want to weigh in, on any of three stories that are driving the show plenty. Of you weighing in on the sky SOX name change we will get. To those thoughts coming up next here.

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