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Testing theories while they're digging into glorious background. They learned that she was very religious. She loved God. Loved helping families helping others, she'll helping your family, she attended the university of Phoenix and got a degree from there. She worked for the Texas workforce commission for over twenty years, where she served as the integrated service area manager and after retirement, she went on to pursue a new career as a real estate Asian for Coldwell Banker. So there really wasn't anything that they found in her background, in her work in her church that we're gonna leave them any leads that they could potentially smokeout. Right. And her house actually, was this really cute a frame house, in on kind of the roof over the porch. There was like a giant cross. I mean, this woman was like a God, loving woman, you know, buttoned up just to super solid person said they weren't exactly like there was no red. Flags and there's like no enemies to point nothing, nothing. So as police are speaking to all the family members, they start to pick up on the fact that there was kind of this family secret that people in the family were tiptoeing around, because they're all in the same room like all the family was congregating. So as the police are questioning people, I assume people are kind of overhearing in there seems to be something people are avoiding and uncomfortable about. So remember how we mentioned that glories visit was announced. So she didn't tell David that she was coming, because she wanted to catch David off, guard in confirm a sneaking suspicion that she had been having that David was a sexual relationship with his stepsister fifteen year old Mariah Wilson that they were secretly living in glorious home together. And how old is he at the time twenty-seven up? And so this is this not. Okay. No. This is step sister thing is whatever they're not blood. Related. But the age difference in conjunction with that is disturbing that rape then. Right. Well, it depends on the laws. We looked at it depends on the laws and depends on the state, but you see Mariah had actually played a key role in causing the split between David, and his middle school sweetheart, Laura, and over the years has Maria hit, puberty and started to become a teenager. There started to be this very palpable tension. Involvement between them that started to kind of evolve in Texas is considered stats rape, statuary, rape to have sex with someone under the age of seventeen wherever there was a close in age exception that allows a person of sex with someone under seventeen as long as the older person is not more than three years older than the minor. So we've got the lend. This is two thousand nine. Well, it is bad now. In general. This is a father of a father of four and has children are probably closer in age than she is. I think they're like six yet is I could at twenty one just snow around the same at the same age difference. Yeah, that's gross. So Gloria was right. David Mariah had been in a sexual relationship for a while. It was on and off. And Gloria made it clear that she disapproved of this relationship and threatened to Victor Davis. If she found out that Mariah was living with him under Gloria's roof. So that's precisely why she came over to see what the hell is happening at her house. So she had a problem with a relationship for all the obvious reasons or is the age difference. He was being a total, absentee father to his kids, and obviously, it was his stepsister and disgusting and Gloria had been growing increasingly more frustrated with David she was chastising him for not getting his life, together, not paying the bills at her home and breaking promises to see his nephew in Arizona, as well as relationship with Mariah. And she specifically asked Manny not to tell his brother that she was going to El Paso, to see what was going on. So if you're a true crime freak and I'm assuming that you are since you listen to our podcast. I'm sure that you remember the death of Rebecca's a how, and one of our favorite network's oxygen is premiering a four part limited series on Saturday, June first and guess what? It's featuring our very own Billy Johnson. So I'll give you a little refresher on the story. Rebecca's a how was found dead hanging naked bound and gagged in the courtyard of her billionaire boyfriends Coronado mansion in two thousand eleven just two days after his six-year-old son, max suffered a fatal accident while under Rebecca's care. It's a crazy story and Rebecca's cause of death was ruled as a suicide leading two years of endless public intriguing speculation. So there's a lot going on in this case, and Billy along with combs. And you guys know Paul holes are taking another look at the mysterious case, and they're reexamining, all of the theories surrounding the bizarre case meeting with experts family members witnesses, and never before interviewed law enforcement. It's gonna be crazy. I've seen it and you guys have got to watch it. So go check it out on Saturday, June. First at six PM eastern standard time slash Pacific on oxygen. Glorious family keeps talking and Gloria's mother, Mary, she tells the police that she had gone to the home looking for Gloria the first day she'd been missing. And she noticed something interesting, she noticed used women's underwear, and a Bank statement with mariah's name on it at the house. So many people on the outside were admitted to the family that they were suspecting that, that Mariah was living here with David, but they didn't know for sure David was constantly denying that he was not involved or statutory raping so. Yeah. And okay. So we the we have we have a Bank statement with his name on it at the house. We have used women's underwear. It's getting kind of obvious now. What David is doing? And Mariah is at the house living at the house. Right. So it's at this point that police learn a little bit more about David and at some point as requesting them in this is something you would notice after a few minutes, maybe they noticed that he's missing a leg. And he explained that he had become somewhat of a rebel after he split from his wife. Laura, not a motorcycle started doing wheelies all the time. He came daredevil in Las one of his legs in a terrible accident that almost cost him his life. E continued that Gloria at been his rock through this entire thing in got him through that injury in without her. I mean he would have died. He thinks so he split from his wife gets motorcycle gets into an accident almost loses his life is like it's cut off. And then his mom is the one that's nursing him back to health. Exactly. So police are going door to door to just talk to neighbors to see what they know about the family. I mean, what they observed because it seems like this is a little soap opera going on under this roof. Yeah. So they knock on Julie's door. And Julie who said she saw a woman who is driving glorious car the night, she'd gone missing. And it wasn't Gloria..

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