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Other questions right rate on the first was so we need to we need to be hidden it and if the fed starts you know we need to we need to make that three and out whatever it is get him off the field get our offense the ball are a very good it's been fun watching enjoy this the last regular season game there's still some my head I know but enjoy this one here in Minneapolis yes thank you very much that's seven in sports director Mike room with Carter Coughlin that's going to do for this week thank you for listening and please tune in again next week for Minnesota matters on this MNN station weather woes from coast to coast I'm him who sell fox news a monster storm bringing rain snow ice and wind continues its March across the country it was out across parts of the west now when across the central plains by tomorrow it moves in towards the northeast we're talking first big snow storm across the northeast tomorrow here's the rainy side of the storm and along with this some severe weather watch for severe weather even possibly some tornadoes today across parts of the southeast thanks meteorologist Frank Reich mute and parts of the upper Midwest blizzard conditions that have highway shut down we are seeing a lot of snow a lot of our use we've got a lot of crashes on I. ninety on Friday and into Friday night Tony man can with the South Dakota public safety department an attacker armed with a knife is still at large in the Netherlands yesterday three teenagers were stamped on a busy street in the Hague all three victims are recovering there's extra security on the streets of London following yesterday's deadly attack on London Bridge officials say the suspect was shot and killed by police had been imprisoned on terror charges but was released early last year he was shot and killed by British police yesterday after stabbing five people while wearing a fake suicide vest on the London Bridge a man and woman were killed during this attack three others injured fox's eyes a house in.

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