Israel and the UAE: why now and whats next?


Is the greatest advancements toward peace between Israel and the Arab world in the last twenty, six years and it marks the third formal peace between Israel and an Arab nation. The diplomatic, Reproche Mon to nounce between Israel and the United Arab, Emirates last week is not in and of itself quite as big a deal as its orchestrators wished to claim the two countries have never been to war with each other the official hostility to Israel such as it was usually sounded pretty phoned in done for foresake when other Arab governments let fly with the fire-breathing choruses of condemnation in Israel's direction. The were generally very much in the back row of the quoi royal mumbling vaguely along hoping to be noticed. Israel and the US you have. Long. Dealt pretty, easily with each other Israeli ministers have made official visits to the Emirates. There are plentiful commercial ties between the countries Israel had already been invited to exhibit at Expo Twenty Twenty in by the intelligence services of Israel, and the have also long cooperated. The first official Israeli visited to the after the deal was announced was Yossi Cohen, director, of Masa Truly historic moment not since the Israel Jordan peace treaty was signed more than twenty years ago has so much. Progress has been made towards peace in the. Middle, East? By United Jew of America's closest and most capable partners in the region something which said could not be done. This deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle. East US President Donald Trump is claiming credit for brokering this agreement but suggestions by his proxies and flunkies that this is somehow worthy of the Nobel peace prize he frantically desires. somewhat optimistic granted that President Trump's predescessor barrack Obama was just given. One is a sort of housewarming present but an exchange of ambassadors between Israel and the U. A is just not a seismic recalibration comparable with the peace reached between Egypt and Israel in Nineteen, seventy, eight or Israel and Jordan in nineteen, ninety, four, I say to the people of Israel and Jordan. Now. You must make this peace real. To, turn no man's land into every man's home. To take down the barbed wire to remove the deadly minds. To help the. wounds. Of War to heal. However via the normalization of Israeli, Emirati relations may not be big deal. It may portend things which are indeed it's the fact that it isn't a big deal which may be the really big deal here. Israel's only two previous such agreements with countries as referenced above were with Egypt and Jordan neighbors against whom they fought wars. They were extraordinary responses to extraordinary circumstances. The agreement with the UI founds a diplomatic relationship which seems more or less remarkable than say, a diplomatic relationship between Denmark and Malaysia Will Senegal and Peru. It could have a domino effect. There are already suggestions that some other Arab, states including. Bahrain and Morocco a coming around to the U. I-IT's way of thinking where Israel is concerned and from there, what else might be possible Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already spoken of hope that the direct flights which will shortly link Israel and the could be allowed to cross the skies above. Saudi Arabia. The prospect of an Israeli embassy in Riyadh might not seem exactly likely just yes. But nor does it seem any longer like a completely demented fantasy? I've Alanine Adam first of all. In our opinion this action is incorrect wrong one hundred percents. And it is a betrayal of the Palestinian. People and the will of Muslims and the will of quotes. Villas in autumn on Amazon one. Zero. Two significant shifts underpinning this realignment one is that in recent years Israel and the Arab states have discovered something they agree on Iran which regard as some combination of nuisance menace and existential threat. The other is that Israel and the Arab states have discovered something that they no longer disagree on at least old that much Palestine, which the rest of the Arab world seems less and less keen on pretending to care about a much ballyhooed component of the Israel you deal was Israel's promised to suspend its plans to annex the West. Bank. But it is difficult to believe Israel was ever entirely serious about that. Indeed it sounds in the light of the agreement exactly like the kind of mad idea you float. So you can make a big thing of agreeing not to do it as part of a subsequent diplomatic negotiation. News of the Israel. You a deal was very much not greeted by widespread dancing and celebrate tree hooting of car hoons in Gaza and Ramallah. There have been from Palestinian sources grim mutterings about betrayal by their fellow Arabs. Unfortunately, nowadays, most of the Arab is looking after their own interests at the expense of the Palestinian course. The wretched reality is that it's nothing. So sinister, it is simply that Palestine is increasingly regarded in Arab capitals as yesterday's cause and as a baffling boring headache one of the hardiest diplomatic truisms is Lord Pompton Quip that nations have no permanent friends no permanent enemies just permanent interests right now to the UAE and other Arab states which may follow. Israel seems a much more interesting ally than

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