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For millstone bully in turkey wpro news time seven thirty three business news now more than that poljine was talking about build ri know if they build its they'll come we'll maybe no dad podge they say more rhode islanders support building the new stadium for the ponsolle fifty six percent of rhode islanders support the eighty three million dollar poor sox ballpark proposal 41 percent are opposed according to a new poll john for build ri made up of labor and management in the construction industry michel sabbah tony heads the laborers international union trust me time is running out and the poor socks will leave and they are not staying in mccoy and this is the only other option so if we don't get this right go gone he says the poll is aimed at getting house speaker nicholas mattiello to move off center and bring it to his members the senate has already approved the funding scheme in providence steve klamkin wpro news latest reports on that spot involving actress heather locked lear the daily mail says the one time melrose star nearly fit the nose of her boyfriend often what they call a drunken rage also locklear former melrose star accused of tacking police officer a call to her home in thousand oaks california wpro sports city night is on the way tonight tonight at the ryan senator what a senior class it's been too early rams final home game of the series against joe's they have not lost this season at the ryan center celtics they win three straight kickoff secondhalf plays the cruise past memphis last night at the garden 109 two nine t h coming up for updates of these stories and others log on 630wprocom follow us on twitter at wpro and like us on facebook your searches wpro rhode island's anchorman is going to be joined by wendy schiller political analysts brown university she's on the way it's seven forty this morning senator jim boards coming up at seven fifty going to talk more about the nick keddell of fair as new paperwork requirements for trump and people out of the state senate also the speakers other way to eight o'clock this morning two speakers speaks right now latest on that accident on 195 bore the accu weather forecasts wpr news' time is seven thirty four from the new england truck solutions traffic center here is your courtesy auto group for regional traffic while.

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