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PF got their season playoffs bell towards brought back some tournaments people are going to ask with a w how are they going to stand out? What is it that they're bringing to the game starts goes the fact that own day one? Deb's got better television. Any of those if you mentioned. I Scott a big Scott Coker fan he's got four Jake Hager their Scott's a class act. They're, they're chasing or they may their content to be where they are in the marketplace, daynuss built, an amazing brand USA whether you like several gun or not, I happen to like him out. He's ballsy Alexis, he's brash. He's a great sound bite for you. So what I big USA fan UC fan as well. So it's just hard to it's hard to say that how this is gonna work out because going on weekly television two hours, live primetime on TNT the network that has the NBA cetera et cetera. I mean I'm not knocking the other guys in their, their clearances. Come on TNT's obese it's basement just a dealmaker, and we can go on there in the fall, and deliver a product that is. Fundamentally sound. And not. I ROY what the for they're actually making contact were physical. There's things are happening that are really cool to watch in the stores are being told, we could get back. We could get in the hunt. Now, what does that mean is it means you're gonna over Tate WWE? No. Unless you're smoking peyote, or something that ain't going to happen, Minnesota, even realistic. Their NFL. The XFL is never going to supplant the NFL, but it doesn't have to make money, right? The w would never overtake WWE in my opinion, abusive, my lifetime, but they don't even have to to make a company very, very valuable on the in the marketplace. So that's our goal. We have a hell show Saturday. This is an expansion team. Man. We can't go suck. We can get stick out. We go out and play and get this thing done. You're in the right city because expansion teams here don't mess around JR s right goal all the way to the Stanley Cup team. But they when all the way bureau quick plug here GR, we'll be on the brain on breakfast. With busted open during star cast, and that's Friday at eleven AM eastern. So here in Las Vegas eight AM. Sorry, Jay, I will get you up early worries. She'll be joining David Greco and Marquette, ry fellow WWE hall of Famer pigs, you brought up a name Dana white. And when you were describing him it reminded me a lot of mints as you were saying, if they switched jobs who tap out, I who. Well, let's cushion goose. It It is. is. Interesting question is all gonna come back down to each company's individual money supply. I don't who's got the most cash WB have more cash than UC. Let's say they were even whether or not. Okay. Well w awfully yet your fantasy. Look, I assume McMahon and take a business that nobody respected that people Pete on smokey Rina's all fake this, Bob boss, all, you know, and make it mainstream. He took a company. That's in a pro wrestling product and took it public. I don't know that data's coffee as great as they are have approached those, so until somebody fruits to me that the, the big Irish ring is going to be taught. I'd have to the my, my hat and rank from McMahon. Yeah. You know, I just happened to be talking to our cousin who go and WWE's actually headed to Lima, Peru, and I was just thinking, man. I mean they fill out big, big stadiums, when they go international while just starting to do. So I understand exactly what you are saying, also on Saturday before the pay per.

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