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You mentioned a lot of fun games. And i don't know what happened here. I still have a great time. Yeah i i really enjoy playing this game every time i throw it in this is i think i might enjoy this. More than arkham city to be honest with you at times which is weird. Because i feel like it's because i played arkham city so recently that this just felt unbearable. That's probably why 'cause we city with just a few months ago at does well earlier this year. I don't remember when we did it but yeah it wasn't that long ago he with this with this game that i mean the reason why we don't have rock steady making it. Because rock said working at arkham night for nexgen. And i'm assuming w wbz wanted something out before the system switched over so then they put the studio in charge this game and they just re in the reused all the assets which again i mean development began in twenty eleven and his gang came out in two thousand thirteen so that probably played a little bit of a too. That's not a whole lot of time. I feel like for aaa title guy. I don't make games. But i do read enough rush two years between asylum city and actually. It's interesting because i remember when this came out to people you know it kinda reuses assets and it's a new studio. I honestly thought that this was going to be. Wb games attempt at air new belies in batman each developer would take a year off and that kind of never happens. I'm kind of happy about that because to be like jira city and then we're gonna have the wbz games montreal one and then night and then another one. And kind of alternate year in europe like a certain annual franchise. I really don't want to mention the name of for personal reasons. Don't bother yeah. I'm glad i didn't go that route though because it kind of would kind of faulty records the same time that you had this game came out. Wanna say even like the same month. Yeah the same month this came out. They also released arkham origins kurt. Ps p. p. as vita and three us it was within days of one another it. Was this an lego. Mergel superheroes and arkham origins black gate in the same five days. Aamer is just fun. Better game than this Why the that game is more of a mess in this. Not if if you play the unpack version. I play the three d. s. version which never got patched which i started playing a long time ago and couldn't beat it because there's a game breaking Game never got fixed at i. I finished on three d. s. anti play the three sixty version of both by bid problem with that game. Heat metro Style games. where the map just isn't strictly to a wider reading a map and then to get to one section you have to go through events that goes to another part of the map in essentially may the map totally unreadable and. They tried to fix that when they put it on consoles but they didn't really it so we was just clumsy navigates. It's going to be action. you're not next. But batman game we do so with origins one thing. I also that i do. I like the setting of this game..

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