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In the third quarter, PJ Carlesimo and they did it efficiently to 8 12 for 15 from the field. It was struggling early. Not that quarter 57% for San Antonio, but Houston's hanging around Cousins for three straight away. No good. DJ and iron her home studios tonight We've lost our main feed. We're working back off of an alternate here and we'll try and put this together. There is a follow called and it looks like a runner made. Covert broadcasting partner in the fun. Wow, it's going to be an and one also. Yeah. All right. So off the stat monitor. I could tell you that the foul is on Jaca Pirtle. And David and wobbles at the line to our left Here is we get going in the fourth quarter. And the free throw is good, so count that it is 79 78 San Antonio early seconds here in the fourth quarter. Lost our audio feed as well. The true one from the arena Spurs should be the end of our right over two mill swing left for three off the edge of the rim. No good cousins in the battle was the rebound against Jaca Pirtle. Those little Brown is struggling from downtown 1451 for six. They update the stat sheet. Jones misses the free throw line jumper the end of our left rebound. San Antonio Mills drives and kicks back to gay, not a mills. After resetting on of a cell pass from the right way mills around the purple screen angle right, three short. Off the front rim and Houston's able to clear it. Kind of 29, now from three of the Spurs. Thousands top of the ark looks inside, cutting to the rib, leaping and catching and laying in the same time is David and Wanda. Wanna play to make it 8 to 79. The Rockets are back on top. I'm not going away. Sit up. Cell goes around the portal screen turns the corner, the lane and a runner. The rim draws a foul shot is missed. But Devon vous l rookie will go the line here to shoot too. The file charge to the Rockets. Obviously And it is KJ Martin. Tomorrow to Rosen, Conspicuous by his absence, at least on the statue's got three points. He's one for six. But what's that? Showing? Shaun is you? You know, last time he played with Saturday in Minneapolis? We don't know when he got back from Los Angeles, visiting his sick father. In California. You just can't get away from the game that much for that long a time and come back, and particularly now you don't know whether he had access to a court when he was out there and It's difficult. These players, even though it's what they do for a living. You need to be doing it day in and day out, or it gets away from you a little bit. Would imagine. A lot of his attention was toward his father, who is ill, both free throws good by the way. His cousin's top of the ark threads the needle of the past. Down the lane Jones. He got under the rim hard angle to try and finish. He thought he was fouled. The ball goes out of bounds after kicking off of a fellow teammate on the Spurs haven't lied to the floor to go. There's no room in either team stat sheet for any more shots in the paint. There have been so many paint shots this evening. There's another one runner to the rim and off the glass and in its have finished by Devin Vessel in a crowd. And that makes it 83 80 in favor of the Spurs. And a whistle here stops playing the right silent again. PJ not from her home studios working off an alternate feel We've lost our main feed. Foul called here against San Antonio's It appears Yep. Devin myself five files J. Shaun Tait was their names. We didn't think we'd be featuring tonight shot..

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