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White Sox to win the world Syriza's Um, the bucks. That's probably your I got that right. I have a ticket of avalanche, bucks and bills. Three team parlay and could retire for that. Yes. So in some places they're available white sex there, plus 1 30. Win the division, as are the Twins, plus 1 30, So they're co favorites one of the White Sox to win the world Syriza's I gotta go look that up. Interesting. Yeah, I think they have a chance. I think they have a chance to win the division. Take a look at everything else in the American League by habit, they they can win the division. It's good to weaken. Just knock off the Indians. I mean, it's good to know that they're gonna be rebuilding and empty, Jake. All right on empty progressive field, right love that. Remember how they used to sell out every game there? Yeah, free must wash. If there's a lot of optimism about these White Sox boys, they are currently tied for the fourth. Best odds to win the World Series of Tender one. That's it them in. The Braves are tender 11 of the Cubs. Obviously, like yes, scroll down. He's got a couple gotta be 30 30 to 1 Girl. Good. Jeff's Got carpal tunnel has got to keep going down to the bottom of the Cubs. They're 33 to 1. If you want to make a play, and when he was 2021 the world serious? No shot. The Dodgers are your favorite and 92 Yankees 11 it to San Diego Padres are 9 to 1. Him. Thorn in the white sex decided. Your Padre White Sox world Syriza about that battle of about that, But you know that the top of that well, the Padres, the White Sox the Braves you mentioned right? That's good for baseball. Wish you guys would sign a guy like Fernando Te teeth when he's like 16, and then hang onto him. We'll go. Wait a minute. No, we're good. Stand away. Sex business. Sorry, cap. No, actually, we're good. If if if you didn't have quality young talent, then you would have a point, but you don't have a point. We got Louise Robert Remember that. Now, remember, you thought I must see you don't know what that guy was gonna do you the home runs on all over the he had no cold zone top bottom. He was terrific. Rolling. I know to teach is the real deal. There's no question, man. Look at what the White Sox have here and what he's right. I think James Shield is gonna have a bounce back here. I think so, too. 100%. I would absolutely extend him right now. So you don't have to get caught up in a bidding war. Uh, remind me to never take you to a comedy club. I have to explain the jokes to you. We will play shot or no shot. Next ticket can tap it. Jay Hood mornings on ESPN, 1000 Take Chicago's home for Sports. Chicago's home for Sports is the new home of the White Sox, ESPN 1000 What's up, everyone, said Herman. Here, I've got something perfect to make the playoffs even more exciting this weekend. It's called the same game parlay bet, and they're only available on Fanduel Paradise Sports book the same game. Parlay Bet let you combine multiple bets from a single game for an even bigger win during the wild car round. You could combine the Moneyline the over the under player props, all in one parlay and best of all Vandals letting you place the same game. Parlay bet risk free all Fanduel customers you could get up to $10 back if you don't win your first bet. Playoffs are perfect time to give this a shot. Just one of the many reasons I love Fanduel Paradise Sports Book there. Fast withdraws When you win on Fanduel, they pay you your winnings in his little is 24 hours..

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