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The audience was sixty five percent male. That was your average d. The audience percentage gender wise sixty five point four percent males and Seventy two point two percent males in the twelve to seventeen age range. So take that For would it's worth but nice to see that santos and kushida really good position near where they actually gained in all that pretty good he also got to give it up to Isaiah's swerve scott. You know his jaw joint was pretty good. Hit squad knaw that. Leon rough impede done in also although we can see a repeat kind of trend if you will continuation of Some of those numbers That we just talked about there. Yeah so this good should right there. You learn something. They're all right. Hey we got impact wrestling. They're going to be doing a under siege pay per view events that is going to be on their impact plus app. I will be checking that out and I don't know we'll see what happens. I kind of feel like maybe. I'll do oppo show For that one kind of feel like what we probably will. We'll see it depends on my mood. We'll we'll we'll see how it is but The matches that we got coming up. So far We got a six way number one contenders match. Chris sabin taken on chris. Bay semi callahan. Mac cardona tree mcgill moose. Whoever wins this becomes the new number one contender that will face whoever the impact world. Champion is Yeah me who. fish is between trae. Miguel and moose. I gotta go with moose. I gotta go it moves. I just don't see how. how can i. How do i pick against moves. Come on man. Seriously i against i'm going with moose Like your main event match is going to be kenny omega and the good brothers. They're going to be taken on. Eddie edwards and finn juice. I'm gonna go with kenny omega in the good brothers and the way the pay per view essentially ends. It's gonna be moose staring down the face of kenny omega. As that's what. I see commoner biogas. Good brothers may be trying to help omega maybe try to do a little beat down on moves moves pretty much gets. The upperhand goes off with standing tall over all those guys. Is this a taste of things to come in the future for kenny omega and good bras i could see something like that coming about other matches. We got deonna purrazzo defending the knockouts title against tadic. That should be killer fucking good. That'd be killer fucking good I gotta go with deonna purrazzo. She's girls finally went to me over man after i was doing my Seinfeld skit for hot minna. There i was doing my jerry seinfield. Skit wall is she gone virtual. So i don't get don't get it But don't but a brown now. I get it No i love me. Some deanna proposal. Few little button manches kilo button I got her retained knockouts tag titles are on the line. Ask jordan graze and rachel l. Ring defend against violin. Flava.

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