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Jason birdies man. I love that intro. its i ain't seen you in a minute in a minute. I mean i doing good bud. We a nice little ones with the kids I mean there's fun. We had a couple of beers. They smashed each other girl cheese. Your italian hoagie. I don't know about you guys out there. But like a good italian hoagie. You cannot beat a good italian hoagie and that place at killer. Tainos so we're back in the saddle today. Another episode of chasing birdies. Thanks for listening. And here we are. And i don't know what we want to talk about right now. The panther session was okay. I think that we could let go a little bit more. But you know what it's tough because you can't our platform right now so big Why don't you tell everybody where we are on the podcast. Right now boys. Hey guys i mean first off. We started this march fourth and this is kind of like a fun. Yeah we've moved up. Sixteen spots to number forty in golf listened podcasts. that's awesome that's that's all across the apple spotify platforms. That's everything so not bad. No our our goals top fifteen. Come jan one twenty twenty two. Well tell you we keep doing what we're doing and you guys out there we get. We get messages. we get thumbs up. I mean we rarely get a thumbs down every now and then we like a thumbs down because we can't get complacent here But to be inside or at top forty of all all-time gulf podcast and trending upwards. We jumped sixteen spots. I mean give me some of that but that's not bad that means we were fifty sixth. But if there's ever a podcast award ceremony and we get nominated boys and we have to go. I'm wearing cowboy boots cowboy hat up but guaranteed.

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