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Until November November. Legitimate election knock dates on the mid-term party controls the house, which party controls. The Senate really interesting exciting race going on right now on KOA NewsRadio. This is the home of the Broncos rocky. And and this is drive time. Sports that Cory Lopez KOA NewsRadio. Man. Oh, man. I forgot what that sounded. Like it's been a while. That's okay. I don't mind giving up a couple of primetime sports if we're going to have a Rockies coverage. That's for sure. Welcome in everybody. I'm Cory Lopez. Yes. It is prime time sports. Here we go with full hour coming up for you. We will certainly talk a little bit about the wildcard matchup that came out in the Rockies favor. And we'll look ahead to game one of the National League divisional series that starts in Milwaukee tomorrow afternoon. We'll have details on our coverage is well and push through. What what it's gonna look like here through the weekend as well. As our team coverage continues here. We'll tuck little Broncos five guys didn't practice today for your Denver Broncos. We'll get more into that. In our second half hour as our friend. Dr David Standard's gonna jump on board talk a little bit about what some of these injuries mean why they wouldn't necessarily. Practice and the issues in the rehab possibilities for some of the guys that are on the injury list for the Broncos. We might have been asking Rockies question because that's what Dr Schneider has been doing here. The last couple of weeks with us. We've had our Rockies react we've had our Rockies all access shows we been focused pretty much on the Rockies. Do a lot of that here tonight. We'll also talk Broncos though after tough one on Monday. And now the Broncos at crossroads headed out on the road to play another early east coast game. That they had to do against Baltimore and didn't fare so well and that one now they head out to the Meadowlands to take on the New York Jets. And surprisingly the quarterback is similar. To Patrick Mahomes. Similar? He could extend place and that got to be a bit of a problem for the Broncos secondary. So we'll talk a little bit about that as well. We're also going to open the phone lines up to three three seven one three eight five eight five you wanna talk a little Rockies. I'm good with that. I found a brewers fan in the Broncos locker room now. We'll hear from him coming up. Let's start with baseball star last night. The oh to pitch..

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