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Greta Gerwig Golden Globe. Winning Film Lady Bird is set in two thousand and two Sacramento so Greta wanted to get a bunch of popular music from that time. I'm to play in the film. I loved reading about all of the personal notes that you sent to the musicians whose music in the film Dave Matthews Atlanta's US more set and Justin Timberlake and I also wrote a letter to Like Johnny to Franco in Steve Sondheim and Stephen Sondheim. I don't call him Steve. I just issues that like as if he and I've never met him but yeah I mean I wrote all these letters to really like try to explain to them. What what the movie wise and explain why I wanted to use the music because You know they have to give approval obviously if of letting you use their songs and it was set in such a specific take time in place and I thought that the music could really help. Draw the audience into that. Did you get personalized letters back or did you get letters from their people. No I never. I forgot letters back. I just heard yes. They're fine with it. which is like all you really need? You just WanNa Justin timberlake signature. And he would not give that to you oh he he withheld hold it but I got to meet him so yeah I guess a meet him. a couple of weeks ago. It was very exciting and he obviously remembered that he gave me permission to use uses song and I said thank you very much in person. You wasn't coming over to sue. You know we were at the same event and I very darkly went up to him and said Mr Timberlake thank you. And he's called me Justin. Actually you might not have said that. That might have been just a thing. I'm I made up my. I think he's a coma just in my mind. He's a communist wiggs last meal read. His new film is in theaters. Now it's called little women. I saw it on Christmas. You should go see it to thanks to our guests. Molly you can watch her. Show girl meets farm on the Food Network and Victor and pick up her cookbook. It's called Molly on the range. And it's one of those rare cases where a cookbook has great recipes but it also oh has a sense of humor. This episode was originally produced by Aaron Mason and me and recently edited and made far less embarrassing by Laura Scott. Our theme music is by Prom Queen her album. The Midnight Vale is now available on Vinyl so you can buy a record or digital download searching Prom Queen on ban camp and of course if you have a quick moment we would love it if he would leave a review or just a quick five star rating on Apple podcasts or stitcher. You can follow along on instagram. I'm your last meal podcast. I'm Rachel Bell and this is your last is Neil her new film lady bird is it. Greta Gerwig Film Lady Bird. Greta Gerwig Film Lady Bird is her fantastic film lady bird. It's so weird so weird can give me that again. He said Berg. I I keep wanting to say lady bird. It's so hard Greta Gerwig Film Lady Eighty Lady Bird Lady Bird Greta Gerwig film lady bird Gerwig gear wig Gerwig the crazy. GERWIG Gert Gear Gerwig. Yeah okay stay for the end of the episode over here. Cut footage of Rachel's stroke..

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