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Wow. The yodel Andrews is shaking. Yeah. That was your reference Areco commercial. Yup. That's funny. Mid you're not wrong. She said. Don't ever listen to every syllable fucked up. That's that sounds like traced on Matt Parker. It does Matt stone and Trey Parker. Oh, yeah. That's exactly it doesn't sound like this. Iran, sue in Durham, how does she do that too? Doc. I know sue she's makes it great Muffin, dude. It's still every time. She says you can win. I think it's you can't win. What would you be surrendering to in this scenario? Love don't surrender. Nothing means it doesn't nothing means anything don't surrender the feelings that it won't work out. I feel you'd be you would want to surrender in this scenario right to control it led break up. Yeah. So don't surrender because you can win in this thing called love. Don't give up don't surrender to to failure. You can win in this thing called love. You'll stick together. No big deal. Good luck by a game in your all players. I games. I've got I've got a child hair to comb out. Hurts. I in this thing called love. It's the most condescending thing I've ever it's just a very Swedish like like other approach to the language. This thing that the call loaf like teen. In this thing, you do whatever it is. I don't know. What's? Oh love. My mistake. I wish he would have said it. We're like a question this thing. Low just reveal. She has no idea what this means. And then she's going to do that sky punch chorus again. Yes, she does the chorus. Gotta sky punch when you hear it when you walk. Really gets me going after the course. Oh god. Oh that bridge. Beautiful bridge. Very serious..

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