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Sally went to the mohawk institute residential school in brantford canada. And here's one incident that she remembers. We were at the marshall one week. It's were full the bugs and we had all our hair cut off. We were made baldi's we were really bold and That was a very good feeling to have so like sally sad. Her hair was shaved off and that was just the beginning of years of abuse that the school throw us in this dark room and tell us the rats were going to get us. But i didn't know. Then why i was being thrown in there and i used to wonder what did i do and i would cry. We cried and cried for hours in there. Not knowing who were in there and take us out. And when. I did get to learn a little bit of english. I knew then they were throwing us in there because we wouldn't speak english. Oh my god. It's awful yeah. It is still awful. It's just one example. Of what what. She endured there her interviews from a two thousand nine documentary called unseen tears. And that's by filmmaker ron douglas. So sally and hundreds of thousands of indigenous children in america and canada or sent to boarding schools just like mush hole and they were beginning to speak their language where traditional clothing practice their religion and a lot of times agency their families for years so it was a legacy of hardship and abuse. That was literally meant to wipe out their

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