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Like. Three years ago he has not let go of his crown even. Killian man bobby becoming. One of the best players in the world and someone that any any team wants, of course. Neymar still stands above him. He completed seventy nine percent sixty four passes average two point zero six key passes per game, and he led the team with an absurd six point five shock reading actions per ninety minutes and of course. Probably one of the best dribblers if not the best dribbler in the game, like right their head to head with Messi, he averaged five point six, five point seven successful dribbles per game. Literally. Only numbers that Messi can match and and if you didn't believe that. All, you have to do is go and look at the Champions League games that he's been playing. It just looks like he's on another level like he's just so fun to watch and at times. I mean. I'm not gonNA like as opposed fan I got a little annoyed with the fact that he. Focused more on trying to look cool instead of actually trying to help the team win but. Lately and especially this season keys looked so much more mature. Last year I believe claim Bobby the best player in league and. When you look at the stats you think, okay. Yeah he was the best player again this year. But no Neymar has grown up leaps and bounds and. Has a chance to lead PSG to their first Champions League win ever I mean he's already led them to the first Champions League final and I know that he's shooting his his final ball has been absolutely terrible but. PSG. Don't make it here without Neymar, PSG don't make it to this next year of being one of the best clubs in all of football without Neymar that is just facts, and of course, on top of that Mim. Bobby. I don't think men Bobby get over here without Neymar and of course, doesn't stay for as long as he has without Neymar. Just. There is no other answer here for number one. Neymar is the best player in league. So. That's going to finish it off for today's episode. You know had a great time talking about all of the top five leagues I'm going to be changing it up in my next couple episodes. So make sure you guys stay tuned for that and we have we still got a lot of exciting football coming up man we got the Europa League final and the Champions League final coming up this weekend I'm getting all giddy about it. I mean we got we got Champions League and Europa League finals coming up it's going to be awesome. But yeah, just. Stay.

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