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We worked on this for awhile got 75 retail partners going things are doing well but once we started going out to raise money and talking to investors and in bbc's one of the venture capital firm said to us this is great but apps are limited how do you make this not an app and that was extremely bewildering to us because the skin technology was essentially buried in the app so our segio had and a penny and we realized that we could essentially run the entire hacked to hap process the sms or text message so using elements of the phone we were able to bring the same consumer process to bear so now as shopper takes a picture of a tag they text it to us at seven seven 007 we add it to their lists of patasse and then we text them when it goes on sale so there's removed a lot of the barriers you don't to download an app the other thing it does is it gives us this instant access to communicate with the consumer real time we realized only started have to have we were sitting on a ton of purchase intent data and if you think about media and how stores operate a lot of their marketing efforts and reengagement efforts are based on post purchase especially in regards to end store so we realize there is a huge opportunity with all this data we had so getting rid of the app and moving into sms and really this beat it be model allows us to partner directly with the retailers that's amazing so now you're more in the btob space than the b two c space directly cracked yeah we're kind of a weird hybrid so what happens is you walk in a store and you'll see a miracle ing which is like a sign on the mirror and it would say something like found something you love take a picture of the tag text it to seven seven 007 will save it for you and you'll get exclusive offers and fail alerts and now what we're able to do is work directly with the retailing say what's the problem what do you need to move so we're working with causton heritage which is.

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