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Issue of what rick was looking for giving more freedom to the national guard members go down there to to do law enforcement is anybody looking to provide that through some sort of congressional action they're not and there's also a good reason that the military has been prohibited by statute and engaging in domestic law enforcement dates back to nineteenth century law called posse comitatus one of my favorite turns a phrase i just love saying it posse comitatus and what what the law states where the reason that was passed under the administration of president ulysses grant is that the president can't use the military as his own domestic law enforcement his own police force if you will this has never really worked out all that well and countries that are that deploy the the military and sort of an autocratic fashion and the reason that the the this law was passed was that there was concerned that grant who was the leading general of of the civil war who won the civil war accepted we certainly surrender pardon me i mean that he would punish the south and so this came out of concern that there would be like sort of that grant would deploy the military and his own favor to the south disadvantage in the nineteenth century and so there's a really good reason that we have this law on the books and it's too know basically enhanced make sure that there is a separation of power that the president's power is checked at some point about ten minutes left which ason dick rollcall didn't want to get through this segment without acknowledging we're gonna have a new member of congress this week correct we have a new senator coming from mississippi thad cochran who locked time senator from mississippi republican he resigned april one he was the chairman of the appropriations committee wanted to see the big omnibus spending bill signed into law and once it was he he's he took his leave he has been appointed his appointed successor is a woman named cindy hyde smith she's a former democrat but as a lot of republicans are in in the south and.

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