Corey Lewandowski, Paul, Michael discussed on The Takeout with Major Garrett


As an attorney you know that's not actually true yeah sure is that we have a criminal in the White House but Fallon is in normal parlance synonymous but yes I I could say with a criminal White House but what is very clear from Molly port if people read it there are ten instances of of social justice at least five of them meet all the elements of the crime of social justice and for my audiences benefit walk them through the three component parts this was sure Austin Lee discussed yeah here in Jeff today but some of my opponents many minus may not have heard that walking through sure at their first element of obstruction justice requires an obstructive act such as ordering down again to fire the special counsel that will done again with the White House counsel correct they'll be instructive act and then requires a nexus to official proceeding in this case it was whatever investigation is an official proceeding correct as is a grand jury investigation and then third it requires corrupt intent that the president is doing it not because he thinks it's for the good of the country or it's for national defense but to protect himself or to protect his family members are to protect his friends or to prevent embarrassment that would be corrupt intent and so for at least five these instances all three elements one that and so we discussed five of them yesterday observed briefly walk you through those five the first is when they present borders former White House counsel with them again to fire special counsel molar the second was the president orders began to cover that up and to create a fake paper trail third is when the president directs Corey Lewandowski his former campaign manager to get Jeff sessions to stop the investigation into Donald Trump and the fourth the fifth or the witness tampering said Michael and Paul metaphor and you have made up your mind about those issues we also made up your mind about the question of impeachment you believe president trump should be impeached correct I would be should be an impeachment inquiry said impeachment as you know is both a matter of law as well as politics but the political process and so there is some in my caucus who argue that because the Senate is held by Republicans they will not convict.

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