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Berry. On the goldbergs Laney finds herself in nineteen ninety something facing ident- end musical, career and need of gainful employment. She's desperate for work and assisted by a desperate and assisted by a Goldberg's crossover. She gets a gig at the as a music teacher at William Penn academy. Working for principal glass cut co schmo, lure. And eventually, the character played by Brad, dear who's in the second half Assode, and she gets the job by Beverly Goldberg, just basically using her smother. Routine and convincing the principal to hire. I don't think that's how things worked in the nineteen nineties, and I don't think we can actually get a teaching degree or a teaching job without having a college degree. But we're just going to have to hand way of that. I guess, because it gives us a story with another character who's been kind of enjoyable to watch on the goldbergs. But the first episode was definitely very clunky as they dealt with all this back story and setting up the new characters. Lenny is a good character a funny character, but she's also really been defined by the characters on the goldbergs. So now it'll be very interesting to see how this goes in establishing her with the grownups on the show, which is a new experience for her. So a large part of the premier was just other characters remembering things about her character about how he she used to be in high school, which, obviously, doesn't have a lot of relevance now. And on the Goldberg she was kind of a mass as a student, so she definitely has some work to do to become a better teacher. The premier has a lot to show us about who the character of Laney is, and who she has been and so- introducing her to as a character who some people have known before, and some people have never met before. And then we have this main story in which he's preparing her class for a do op concert, which quickly becomes a grunge concert. And it works, somehow or other. And then a lot of it is also dedicated transitioning, the gym teacher slash coach from a comic foil into tight shorts to a more versatile character who is supporting his own show, co supporting his own show, and he's actually pretty good about it. The goldbergs did a good job humanizing him as a coach. And this also shows that he actually not actually terrible character or a terrible co he's actually pretty strong and helpful..

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