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Gonna cry so it was really just keeper with you got to be quite what they saw okay it's not quite as chilly for your day tomorrow here we go guys we're gonna step this way leading with fifty four degrees mostly cloudy with a chance other way voice that lately sorry guys we were trying our flowers were freezing yesterday but we're in better shape for mother's day happy mother's day to you sixty two your high over the next few days well enjoy it today because we are going to start the work week with some wet weather and remember could see some heavy rain briefly on Monday but it's an on off rain event all day behind that unfortunately it turns cooler a fire spreads to at least six multi story homes in Paterson New Jersey it started after ten o'clock last night on beach street more than one hundred firefighters from several towns work to get the flames under control overnight no one was hurt right now it's unclear what caused the fire a long island community has come up with a creative way to pass the time and raise money during the pandemic they're playing virtual bingo and this week a big Hollywood star from Syosset joined in on the action CBS is Christina fan tells us about bingo for costs G. fifty two it's not every night academy award winner Natalie Portman braces you're zero hang out for it's also not every night you get to hang out virtually with all your friends in town raising money to fight Kobe nineteen by playing bingo people are supporting their community to community.

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