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Are there along with four others that are there as well and you can download all those all you get used text. Twenty twenty one to eight five five six eight five ten forty five so we're inflation turns. Ugly is when frankly you're in let's say for example you're a firefighter or you're any kind of profession and the cost of all your things are food especially so initially your house goes up. Hoick tamale bob. Do you see how much our house is worth you know. And then maybe your your your truck or whatever. It doesn't appreciate. Maybe the truck keeps its value. Maybe you start seeing other things. You have like your baseball cards or just mix miscellaneous things they start increasing in value and makes you feel rich until you then have to start paying or seeing the inflation and everything not just your assets but essentially in your your consumables. The grocery store right. And you're like holy cow. When did milk become seven bucks a gallon then seventeen bucks a gallon. That's because that's not you know it's one thing to have equity in your home right sitting there but that's nice feel-good makes you feel good. It's another thing when you go check out and you're like why my grocery bill this break. And so that's the reason that stock market is gonna go back. And i can't even say the word zoe a dollar a spell it now. She can spell now so she'll know travel. Yeah so you guys is about say the stock market. This year is going to go crazy. They're all essentially holding. Assets is going to be essentially like holding a willie winning willy wonka ticket and all of this is great and all this is going to cause people to wanna buy real estate. All of this is going to trigger more fear of missing out. All of this is going to sensually. Compound made people very excited dumped it at deduction k. Until inflation gets the point where it creeps into the essentially commodity prices and people's wages haven't kept up with the cost of things when you have that happen and that always happens cycle like this..

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