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To hunker down in the sheltered in place if you don't think hormones don't affect your immune system you know it's it's not just the endocrine system and and moods and strains and things like that but they also affect your respiratory system and listen to this age related lung function decline accelerates with menopause resulting in lung function similar to smoking twenty cigarettes a day that's a pack a day for a decade this was European research published in the American Journal of respiratory and critical care medicine and the findings showed that the long decline in women who are going through and after menopause greater decline than would be expected by normal aging so it was a result of the hormonal change occurring at that time by the way this was a very comprehensive study because the women were followed for twenty years so they were able to actually measure lung function both before and after they went through menopause which is when the hormones drop precipitously I'm gonna talk your hormone expert in just a few minutes about telling you he'll be sharing ways to prevent that precipitous drop in hormones after menopause for women and of course Andro pause and then the drop in testosterone levels will discuss that in the especially the second half hour half hour of the show the notes on environmental health we recently did a show for a special Earth Day edition here's a that's what I like is go outside and play there's a big sticker or sign that's it that's good advice and data that maybe that's our health health by the way because if you can wherever you are even if it's out on your porch go outside and play here's another use it up wear it out make it do or do without the others so support your local farmers market yeah because you know farmers are responsible for the food on our tables add a couple more trees are the lungs of the earth so well put and then finally the a fountain not a drain not like that for mental health all right let's see we are I think yeah I think do we have our guest on the line David pres on tells you we have the guests on the line okay what Sir give the David on the line and now let's go to the let's see let's go to matters of sexual health.

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