‘Bad things happen in Philadelphia,’ Trump says at debate, renewing false claim about poll watchers


As you know today, there was a big problem in Philadelphia. They went into watch call poll-watchers a very safer nice thing they were thrown out. They weren't allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia bad th the president appeared to be talking about a report from Philadelphia where a woman claiming to be a trump campaign poll worker was turned away. But not from a polling place, there are no actual polling places open in the city right now. She was turned away from a satellite elections office set up by the city created as a new form of early voting where voters can pick up and drop off mail in ballots. poll-watchers appointed by the campaign are allowed at Poles but not at offices like that one which had limited staff to allow for social distancing. And as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, the trump campaign does not have any poll-watchers approved to work in Philadelphia. At the moment, we need every able bodied man woman to join army for trump's election security operation at defend your ballot dot com there no data to support the president's claims about potential widespread voter fraud. But the Republican Party says they're enlisting fifty thousand people to be poll watchers in order to protect against

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