LazyLedger: Layer One Data Availabilty and Consensus Solution



And said a Great Intro Too Lazy Ledger. Before we go into kind of. Details, from Lazy, Ledger. Curious like. What are you guys want the impact of Lazy that you to be? As I mentioned right they leisure is basically I think Leger. As a very basic layer one. I, would call it the minimum viable Laon. So if you strip back canal one to his Co. components and may the scalable as possible using existing technology? Leases that your? So. Effectively, license in simple times is basically a blockchain where people can dump arbitrary data onto it. And that data gets ordered. And the consensus don't care or process what data is. And so you says basically a blockchain for dumping data on anew and the data gets ordered. And you can use these primitive to build an all kinds of applications and blockchain's. Now. What this is really useful for what has impact for I guess to explain the overall kind of vision. is as follows. So when Bitcoin came about. The kind of vision for Bitcoin was. August technical architecture for Bitcoin was that. It was using a blockchain. For one purpose of of what application and the application is cryptocurrency payments will store value depending on who you talk to you. So it's basically a single packers blockchain. Then Came about. The idea of was Let's actually create General Pecos blockchain. where he can for every application. That kind of general purpose virtual machine where people can upset spot contracts. So those architectural visions various talk. To each other. The same time there was tenement antenna tenement was more similar to bitcoin vision. When I get tenement is that allows you to create your blockchain for your application. So until the moment, basically he wanted to a application on blockchain. This early really to waste that. The best way to do that is use a shed, his execution environment or shed computer like cerium. You code up your spot contract applets Small contracts runs on this team. guess machine the same chain as everyone else to spot contract. And thus basically the willed compute model and I, see him kind of create. The the problem with that is that. The city of Belgium sheet is very limited. In. Terms of what you can deploy on. and has very high gusts Bills Applications that the the investment machine does not native these sports success, for example, complicated catastrophe or. Perfect proofs that have native guilty and functional team, Edm. So if you WANNA, do that for the build more complicated applications. that. Support you have to basically build your own blockchain using something like tenement. But the problem with Tenement is the problem. GUESS THE DRAWBACK OF TEN DEMANDS, east? that. or any kind of he's in order to create your own blockchain does a huge overhead for creating your book convoked increasing bushing. Because you also wouldn't you create your book chain. You also have to create your own they for that book share, you have to quit your consensus later. And that consensus layer nowadays yeezy based on of stake, which is what tended provides for you. And to do takes a lot of work. You have to, for example, credit to. Make distributed decentralized may have to make sure there's evaluators until unsafe oils. So what in lesion is that as your provides A modular plug -able Laya one. That does nothing. But consensus on data visibility. Layer one that least Fischler one does not do smart contracts execution. Later they want basically those core things that they went dos and nothing else. And that makes it very useful as applicable a one. For people that want to create the earn chains, but don't want to go to the overhead of having to create a consensus network. Instead they can simply plug lays ledger in.

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