Swiss voters appear to reject limiting jobs for EU citizens


Voters in Switzerland have vetoed a proposal. Toe end freedom of movement within the European Union. Joanna Cock ICIS reports, a right wing Nationalist party promoted the referendum to limit immigration. The Swiss Public Broadcasting Network reports that more than 60% of voters rejected the proposal to scrap the free movement agreement. Switzerland is not an EU member state and relies on this agreement for trade, transportation and education partnerships within Europe. The anti immigrant. Swiss People's Party, the largest in parliament, pushed for the referendum. The party's leaders used the same slogans as pro Brexit politicians, claiming most migrants are dangerous and likely to go on welfare. As well as take jobs. But opponents argue that striking down the agreement would hurt the economy and strips with citizens of their freedom to live and work in other parts of Europe. For NPR news, I'm Joanna Cock icis.

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